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April 17, 2013
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no time. by Imya-o no time. by Imya-o
(I hate titles)

a little procrastination here... uh, I just realize that I have to fix some color in this <__<.
I know I must finish the requests that some of you asked and I will do all of them in due time, even the nsfw :iconmegustamuchoplz:
Now, back to real life.
see ya!
Mai hime Destiny (c) Sunrise.
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ShuGoKuroge Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Nice work!! So rare to see a Mai Hime Destiny fanart and this one is perfect. :D
(Shizuru in a black uniform is underrated)
I don't know if you "fixed" the color but i believe it's fine the way it is.
To the favs!
Imya-o Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Thank you!
I'm thinking in doing another hime destiny for the 3k hits, someday :icontuzkiheadroll:
I don't even remember what was the fix in it... maybe it was natsuki's socks but i'm glad that you liked it anyway :)
see ya!
ShuGoKuroge Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Yes, I bet the socks were terrible.
and about those 3k hits (which you deserved. In 1998!), unfortunately, we, the shiznat fanartists, have a hard time on getting hits...
it must be a bug or somethin'. deviantart should check that.
I never read all the hime destiny, the shizuru vs natsuki was a bit too confusing for my neurons. i'm not even sure if there was really an enmity between them or i just got suddenly stupid.
i just... :iconnosepickingplz:
(probably should check it...)
Anyhoooo! Get busy doing it!
(Shizuru in black uniform is already clogging my brain)
:iconnosebleedingplz: :iconinloveplz:
Imya-o Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
It was the colors! I think they were blue(or white, just like the ones Yukino wore in Mai Hime), but in the less than ten oficial scans that I have seen of them they always changes... and that frustrate me to no end. I hate coloring, so any problem with the choose of 'canon' patterns is a pain in the a** for me. Sowiee :c
Hahaha, maybe it's some kind of conspiration. It's internet after all lol.
Well, I probably should  be studying right now so... if everything goes smooth, maybe next week I will be able to submit something, who knows :3
See ya!
ShuGoKuroge Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Student General Artist
yes, colors are cruel lovers.

I'll be supporting you!
TarmaHartley Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful, beautiful artwork! Love it! :)

The colours are beautiful!


Imya-o Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
Thank you :)!!
shezaei-neko Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Me gusta el dinamismo que tiene la imagen.
Y sus poses también, como escapando una de la otra. XD
Me encanta.
Imya-o Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Que bueno que te haya gustado. El tema era el reflejo, aunque lo más probable es que ese intento de escape entre ambas será en vano... awww :icontuzkiblushplz:
VestigiaLupi Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
Me encanta el espejo que forman las expresiones... y la chaqueta de Natsuki, yo quiero una así -.-

Muy bueno! como siempre!

(Sí, lo sé, gente rara sin el mechoneo... en fin, en esta cosa de entender hay tantas cosas que no entiendo ¬¬)

Hablando del título... ¡Yo tampoco tengo tiempo! T_T

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